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The Good Project is a non-profit dedicated to embracing and celebrating indigenous peoples while serving as a trustworthy bridge between influences of outside contact and their traditional world.

Through a combination of free-trade/bartering, humanitarian aid, social programs and the love for their unique culture, we aim to help these people cope with their modern day struggles and preserve their traditional ways preventing them from fading away with each passing generation. Of course, it all begins with establishing friendships and listening to what the people need. Building dialogues between indigenous groups and The Good Project is of utmost importance.

David Good (founder and president) is an American-Yanomami whose mother and other family members currently live in the Amazon rain forest of Venezuela. This gives us a very unique opportunity to help connect with Indigenous groups. He aims to serve his people and other tribes from the perspective of one who lives in the tribal world and the 'outside' one.

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For a detailed look at the Good Project's goal, check out Our Mission

Feel free to contact us for more information that you can't seem to find.


One of the best ways to help the good project is to share our story. Social Media is a great way to involve your friends and family, and show your support for The Good Project!


We work with Universities, High Schools, Corporate, and Non-Profit enterprises to provide talks, interviews, and other information about our cause, and the unique cultures we protect.


Your donations help the Yanomami and Cabecar. Every dollar helps us provide humanitarian aid, including health care and development of a free trade market.


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