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Our mission of working with Indigenous tribes never ends. Your support helps the Yanomami and Cabecar as we act as a bridge between their worlds, and ours.

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Through a combination of free-trade/bartering, humanitarian aid, social programs and the love for their unique culture, we aim to help remote indigenous groups cope with their modern day struggles while preserving their traditional way of life preventing them from fading away with each passing generation. It all begins with establishing friendships and listening to what the people need. With time and the right resources, The Good Project will serve as a trustworthy bridge between our two worlds.

The Yanomami

The Yanomami reside in the Amazon Rain forest spanning between Venezuela and Brazil. They are a dynamic people with a broad spectrum of lifestyles; some are attempting city life, while many still live deep in the forest retaining their traditional culture. The Yanomami have been the subject of intense research and controversy over the past half-century.

The Cabecar

This tribe resides in the Chirripo Indigenous Reserve located in the Talamanca Mountains of southeast Costa Rica. They are arguably known to be Costa Rica’s most remote tribe. A humble and friendly people, they are very welcoming to outside visitors and volunteers. The Good Project partners with Voz Que Clama, a missionary group devoted to the Cabecar.



Edge of the Woods Outfitters Sponorship

The Good Project is excited to have Edge of the Woods Outfitters as a co-sponsor for our next trip to the Yanomami territory in Venezuela (details coming soon)! Edge of the Woods will be contributing camping/hiking supplies and goods, including waterproof…


Cabecar health in and around Sinoli

On our most recent trip to the Cabecar territory, we made healthcare research a priority. We worked closely with Voz Que Clama, who graciously shared their resources. Voz Que Clama was able to recruit 14 volunteers (many of which had extensive experience in…


Service Learning Trip – Janurary 2016

The Costa Rica Service Learning Trip is a biannual alternative break program offered January and May/June every year. The focus of this trip is to provide a cross-cultural immersion and service learning experience by trekking through mountainsides of Chirripo and to live among and engage with the Cabecar tribe. They are the country’s most remote and traditional indigenous group.

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Speaking and Education

We work with Universities, High Schools, Corporate, and Non-Profit enterprises to provide talks, interviews, and other information about our cause, and the unique cultures we protect.